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Hello it's Kimberly Delcoco here! So thankful our paths have crossed. My journey began when she was able to go from a 23 year old high school dropout, single mom, homeless sleeping in my mom’s basement to middle management at a fortune 200 company by 26 years old…just three short years. During that time God put it on my heart to share my story to inspire others to go for their dreams.  I am is passionate and committed to helping women develop and uunstoppable confidence, create their dream team and inspire consistent action. Helping women stop begging and start believing in their dreams. Inspiring them to stop talking and start walking their talk.   Over the past 10+ years I have shared my success stories (and a few epic failures) with thousands of women inspiring them to ASK for what they want, do the WORK and CELEBRATE the inevitable success. Whether you want to drop 20 pounds, change careers, run a 5K or half marathon, or disrupt the political norms…your dreams are possible and with me on your team you can and will do it!


I have had the pleasure of speaking for a wide range of organizations. Leaving my audiences ready to create their deepest dreams, develop solid goals and leaving with a new team to help make it happen back in the real world. I not only promise to empower and equip you and/or your team...I DELIVER!

My SEVEN KEYS TO SUCCESS are applicable to any audience. Contact me today to explore how I can empower and equip your team to greater success while enjoying the journey. 


If you you understand assessments this will be meaningful. If not I am happy to explain my results and why it is powerful to know your results and those you work and live with. It can make leading and parenting much easier.     


Activator  Communications  Strategic  WOO  Maximizer     

ENFP // Idealist      

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High 'I' with strong D  Low on S + C     


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You + Me = The Impossible

Let's start the conversation with a complimentary 30-minute chat...fill out the info below and I will be right with you! Until then DREAM BIG!

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Kimberly Delcoco//Life Coach + Speaker

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MEETING PLANNERS dish on hiring Kimberly!

3-hour workshop Sales/Leadership Retreat

Woman!!!!!! Yes that many exclamation points! You were absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! All of us left there feeling empowered. It was exactly what we all needed. I will definitely have you back for another event. You truly do not have any idea that it was exactly what we needed. Thank you so much for being so genuine, powerful and effective.   •Mindy Watson - National Director, Network Marketing

Numerous Speaking Projects for Chamber/Small Biz Development

I have worked with Kimberly several times on training seminars she has presented for The Southwestern Indiana Small Business Development Center. These sessions have encompassed a variety of well received topics. The latest workshop she presented was one of four break-out sessions at our Third Annual "Advancing Hoosier Women in Business" conference hosted by Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman. These break-out sessions were scheduled in classrooms at Ivy Tech and Kimberly's session had to be moved back into the auditorium due to the overwhelming response of ladies signing up to attend...this speaks for Kimberly's ability and the reputation that follows her.   •Debbie Albin - Meeting Planner for SW Indiana Small Busness Development Center

Multiple Speaking Projects for Early Childcare Leaders

Dear Kimberly -  Thank you for your presentation on Discovering Your Inner Leader.  The tools and personal experiences you shared helped the participants feel empowered.  There has been lots of action around the accountability partners.  I look forward to future endeavors with you. - Erin