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I have been speaking and sharing my 'against the odds success' story for years. As I sit and write this I'm reminded of that first time 30 YEARS ago. If I can do it so can you and your team. 

I am a teacher at heart , I can get a little Preachy (in the best way possible)

I have spoken to thousands and spoken at hundreds of events. I will deliver a little bit saucy and a whole lot of bossy with a BIG red bow one top! 

Not only do I share applicable stories I share rock solid solutions that helped me go from high school drop out in my early 20's to middle managment by 26 years old. How I went from couch potato to running a half marathon two years ago. 

I have spoken for breakout sessions, retreats,

I have had the pleasure of speaking for a wide range of organizations. Leaving my audiences ready to create their deepest dreams, develop solid goals and leaving with a new team to help make it happen back in the real world. 

I not only promise to empower and equip you and/or your team...I DELIVER!    

 My SEVEN KEYS TO SUCCESS are applicable to any audience. Contact me today to explore how I can empower and equip your team to greater success while enjoying the journey.

Contact me today to discuss the possibilities!

Praise + Proof

  • Woman!!!!!! Yes that many exclamation points! You were absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! All of us left there feeling empowered. It was exactly what we all needed. I will definitely have you back for another event. You truly do not have any idea that it was exactly what we needed. Thank you so much for being so genuine, powerful and effective. 
  • Mindy Watson - National Director, Network Marketing

  • I have worked with Kimberly several times on training seminars she has presented for The Southwestern Indiana Small Business Development Center. These sessions have encompassed a variety of well received topics. The latest workshop she presented was one of four break-out sessions at our Third Annual "Advancing Hoosier Women in Business" conference hosted by Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman. These break-out sessions were scheduled in classrooms at Ivy Tech and Kimberly's session had to be moved back into the auditorium due to the overwhelming response of ladies signing up to attend...this speaks for Kimberly's ability and the reputation that follows her. 
  • Debbie Albin - Meeting Planner for SW Indiana Small Busness Development Center

  • Kimberly is a force of nature! She has brought the women of our community together in a way I never imagined. Kimberly has a tremendous gift for putting you at ease, breaking down walls, making you think outside the box, and getting to what's truly important in life, we are very blessed to have her! 
  • Jill Muensterman - Business Communications Solutions 

  • When I think of the people that have impacted my business the most, I immediately think of Kimberly. I have worked with Kimberly in the Get Clients Now program and attended her weekend retreat (multiple times). She provides great insight into how each of us can acheive what matters most to us in our life. She truly has a gift of helping others succeed in life and I can directly attribute my success back to her guidance. 
  • Dr. Bonnie Schnautz - Owner, BRenewed Wellness Solutions
  • Kimberly's Top Qualities: 
  • Great Results . Personable . Expert

  • I hired Kimberly to help me with my organization and marketing. I really enjoyed working with Kimberly and the results I got were outstanding. She helped me to look honestly at some of my systems, helped me to stay accountable to my goals and tasks at hand, and also to help me evaluate how my goals related to my priorities in my personal/social life. I highly recommend Kimberly to anyone seeking to improve their production and peace of mind. 
  • Amy Bouchie – Owner, New Horizons Financial Consultants

  • This Living Hell to Living Well retreat has made a huge impact on my life, just in the one week I have lived post retreat. At the retreat I was able to relax and renew, something that is hard for me to do on my own. I gained insight into myself about my values, goals, and abilities. I learned how to make the goals and dreams that I have, a REALITY! But the best part? The other women! I forged true friendships with people I just knew or knew of, and I made new ones. Well worth the money and time. (And the food! WOW!!) 
  • Dana Nelson – Owner, @DanaMNelson 
  • Kimberly’s Top Qualities: Great Results . Expert . High Integrity