One of the first ‘keys to success’ I was taught by my boss/mentor was to dress for success. I was taught the importance of my outward representation of my best self. That it did in fact not only matter but plays a vital roll in how I feel about myself. How my company perceives me and yes even my spouse, family and friends.

I love getting in a woman’s inner and outer closet to get them both working together. First and foremost to help her feel strong, confident and beautiful inside and out…they BOTH MATTER!


I walk into a woman’s closet, you know the one that screams, “I have nothing to wear?” every single morning, and create magic. At least that’s what it feels like for my wardrobe makeover clients.

Most women have a beautiful wardrobe waiting to be put together in a comprehensive and methodical way. One that will have you jumping out of bed to get dressed.

My makeover is sort of like a closet takeover that will leave you equipped to continue creating a wardrobe that makes you feel strong, confident and beautiful inside and out…they both matter!


PRE-WORK >>>    You will receive my workbook on how to create a wardrobe that works for you with some pre-audit tasks to prepare for our makeover time together.

WARDROBE MAKEOVER >>>   We will spend 2-3 hours together in your home taking what you already have and coordinating using my core wardrobe concept. This makes building a wardrobe simple.

Most women have a closet full of amazing clothes stuffed in between pieces that are tired, worn out and no longer fit. We audit these items out then make magic with what you have.

Using your phone or camera we will capture the outfits I put together for you leaving you with an arsenal of wardrobe options. With a couple tweaks you will see how to go from office to night out or from the gym to grocery in a snap.

POST WARDROBE MAKEOVER >>>   I will leave you with a short shopping list to fill in the gaps to complete your already beautiful wardrobe.

Ok you are probably thinking SIGN ME UP!


The cost for the pre-makeover workbook, 2-3 hours consult in your home, pictures of each outfit with day-to-night, gym-to-grocery options and post-makeover shopping list is only $197.

Contact me today to schedule your wardrobe makeover at ask@kimberlydelcoco.com or 205-915-0290 …I work with clients all over especially in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, NYC, Birmingham, Indiana, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. In another state just let me know and we will see what we can do.

And I guarantee you will save hundreds of dollars and a few grey hairs with this new core concept way of building a wardrobe.

Ready to love your wardrobe?

Ready to love the skin you are in?

Ready to walk out of your house each and every day ready to rock your day?

Ready to feel strong?

Ready to feel confident?

Ready to feel beautiful inside and out?

You know they do both matter!!!