Praise + Proof


I have worked with Kimberly several times on training seminars she has presented for The Southwestern Indiana Small Business Development Center. These sessions have encompassed a variety of well received topics. The latest workshop she presented was one of four break-out sessions at our Third Annual “Advancing Hoosier Women in Business” conference hosted by Lt Gov Becky Skillman. The title of her session on networking was “GET CLIENT’S NOW: How Expanding Your Network, Will Expand Your Net Worth!” These break-out sessions were scheduled in classrooms at Ivy Tech and Kimberly’s session had to be moved back into the auditorium due to the overwhelming response of ladies signing up to attend…this speaks for Kimberly’s ability and the reputation that follows her.
Kimberly’s Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
Debbie Albin :: Meeting Planner for Southwestern Indiana Small Business Development Center


(four directors hosted at Belterra Resort & Casino)
Woman!!!!!!! Yes that many exclamation points! You were absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! All of us left there feeling empowered. It was exactly what we all needed. I will definitely have you back for another event. I would love to offer this same workshop on a Saturday in Louisville with other directors. You truly do not have any idea that it was exactly what we needed. Thank you so much for being so genuine, powerful and effective.
Mindy Watson
Indepenent Senior Sale Director for Mary Kay



I delivered two 3 hour sessions titles ‘DISCOVER YOUR INNER LEADER’ below is a PERSONAL NOTE from meeting planner:
Dear Kimberly – Thank you for your presentation on Discovering Your Inner Leader. The tools and personal experiences you shared helped the participants feel empowered. There has been lots of action around the accountability partners. I look forward to future endeavors with you. – Erin


Kimberly has a passion for improving the lives and performance of women. She has a heart for serving others and making a difference. Very few people possess her genuine desire to touch the lives of others. I have heard Kimberly speak. She will touch you, challenge you and inspire you! Her coaching is the same. She will always give herself completely to what she sets her mind to do. I recommend Kimberly to all my friends and clients who need a motivational speaker or an inspiring coach.
Michael Duke
President, Michael Duke & Associates



Kimberly is a force of nature! Though she’s only been in Evansville a short time, she has brought the women of our community together in a way I never imagined. Kimberly has a tremendous gift for putting you at ease, breaking down walls, making you think outside the box, and getting to what’s truly important in life, Evansville is very blessed to have her! I recommended joining Tri-State Women to ANY lady in the Evansville area looking for new friends and great experiences.
Jill Muensterman
Account Manager, Business Communications Solutions


I hired Kimberly in 2009 to help me with my organization and marketing. I really enjoyed working with Kimberly and the results I got were outstanding. She helped me to look honestly at some of my systems, helped me to stay accountable to my goals and tasks at hand, and also to help me evaluate how my goals related to my priorities in my personal/social life. I highly recommend Kimberly to anyone seeking to improve their production and peace of mind.
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
Amy Bouchie
Amy hired as Business Coach


Kimberly is a High Energy Super Motivated Woman, excited about connecting other business women together. Connecting them in a way they can relax together, get to know each other, do business together and develop lasting friendships together. I am honored to have the opportunity to get to know her and count her as a friend.
Brenda Hughes
Home Staging & Interior Re-Design Specialist, Evansville Home Staging & Re-Design


Kimberly is a great person who wants to help you I have been on her retreats and am a member of Tri-State Women where she is reaching the women of the tri-state to be all they can be She has a great story and is a great speaker.
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
Kathy Wilson
Kathy hired you as a Business Consultant in 2009 and hired you more than once



When Kimberly described to me what she envisionsed Tri State Women would be intended for, I knew it would be something I wanted to be a part of. Women need a group like Tri State Women that will give you support on various issues as well as friendship when you want to do something fun. It is the one group in my life that has no requirements for participation. I always feel welcome at every Tri State Women event
Alohana Jackson

When I think of the people that have impacted my business the most, I immediately think of Kimberly. I have worked with Kimberly in the Get Clients Now program and attended her weekend retreat. She provides great insight into how each of us can achieve what matters most to us in our life. She truly has a gift of helping others succeed in life and I can directly attribute my success back to her guidance. Thank you Kimberly
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Dr. Bonnie Schnautz, CNHP
Owner, BRenewed Wellness Solutions
Bonnie hired you as a Business Consultant in 2009 and hired you more than once



I had the pleasure of attending one of Kimberly’s retreats and believe it will be life-changing. She encouraged, asked probing questions, and helped me develop strategies to meet short term and long term goals. Kimberly has the unique ability to pull the best from the people around her and help them build a better community.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Mary Biever
Mary hired you as a Career Coach in 2010



PREVIOUS RETREATER: This retreat is truly an experience! I am somewhat new to Indiana, so I went to the retreat with hopes of starting friendships, and also because I am beginning a new business journey. It was so nice to feel connected with the ladies, and to openly share our hopes and dreams. Kimberly is awesome! She shares personal inspirational stories and offers real solutions to make your dreams come true. I left the retreat very excited, inspired, and ready to move forward in all areas of my life! If you are seeking positive changes in your personal and/or business life, this is the retreat for you.
Joanna Kneller
Licensed Aesthetician & Entrepreneur



PREVIOUS RETREATER: This Living Hell to Living Well retreat has made a huge impact on my life, just in the one week I have lived post retreat. At the retreat I was able to relax and renew, something that is hard for me to do on my own. I gained insight into myself about my values, goals, and abilities. I learned how to make the goals and dreams that I have, a REALITY! But the best part? The other women! I forged true friendships with people I just knew or knew of, and I made new ones. Well worth the money and time. (And the food! WOW!!)

Kimberly’s Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Dana M. Nelson



PREVIOUS RETREATER: My first experience working with Kimberly on a professional level was attending a retreat she sponsored. I was looking for some time away to just examine my business and life in moving forward. What an experience it was! It was well above my personal expectations, and I left that retreat with a clear direction of my business and life. Her personal story and experience offered me insight that I haven’t been able to tap into before. I really enjoyed it and would love to attend another retreat very soon!
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
Stacey Shanks
Owner, Yoga & Life

Thank you, Kimberly



What an awesome retreat and person YOU ARE!!!

I sat down last night and let my husband read my “old” journal, my retreat workbook, and by pocket size book. Basically, I put it all out there and it felt GREAT to share this with him! We have always been able to communicate quite openly, but I wanted to give him a chance to really see and understand how I have felt for the past 10 years in my personal struggle in finding happiness for ME and how I finally am seeing what has been stimulating my negative thoughts of failure. I feel like a new person! Words can’t do justice to how much you and the other ladies really helped me this past weekend. Just simply taking the time to listen to me was a huge help!

I’ve realized that my past “business” endeavors weren’t really failures in the sense of actually doing them. Because I have actually been successful at all of them, but I have always stopped about 6 months into them. I thought it was because I lose interest or personal motivation to keep them going, but actually it was simply the feeling of guilt that was stopping me from pushing ahead. I felt guilty for wanting to spend time on something of value to me that I thought was not necessary for my family. Now I have came to the realization that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with doing both!!!!!!! Yeah me!! My children will benefit from seeing me DO something important to me while loving & nuturing them at the same time, my husband will benefit from me being happy & confident in “many” ways. and I will benefit period!

Awwwwww, that felt good to release and share! I love you all!!!!


Thank you, Kimberly and thank you, Ladies!



To be touched by women who were open and honest about the issues we all face made me realize I don’t have to put on the perfect mask, we are all much more alike than we are different. To see all of these women in the various stages of a personal journey with vastly different experiences enriched me beyond measure. I know that I too can find the strength to move forward.

I have nothing but love for each of you in my heart. I doubt I could ever repay all that you have given me but if I can ever be of help please don’t hesitate to reach out. Women need each other!

I hope you feel as energized as I,



I agree whole-heartedly with Jennifer and Toni’s comments. Thanks to all for a great experience, especially Kimberly, of course, for sharing her leadership gifts and making the experience possible.

I left feeling blessed and refreshed and connected to each beautiful woman there I started my goals today with a tender heart expecting something great.


Great event. I’ve gotta tell you that is the first time I’ve walked into an event like that not felt intimidated or concerned about what I might be perceived by because everyone is so genuinely nice genuinely open compared to other things.

I wish I had this group ten years ago.