What’s your story? We all have an important story to live and we decide daily how it will play out. How will you live the next chapter? Decide today! 

Decide today you will get the help, make the changes, stop the negative self-talk, lose the weight, start the business, volunteer, etc. etc. etc. You fill in the blank and I will help you get there. Check out my story. Submit your story or contact me on ways to guide your future. We can’t rewrite history but we can determine the future!

Change takes a whole lot of hand holding and butt kicking…hence the HEART + HUSTLE!


I know, right? That is a pretty bold statement to start out with but today I am claiming unapoligetically the generational changes I have made and am continuing to make…it’s a beautiful life I have created with a whole lot of mistakes, successes. In the good times and bad my God-given gifts  and talents have shined through.


I was born into a family leaving a legacy sprinkled with addiction, domestic violence, neglect, abandonment, divorce, lack of education. My sister and I spent our childhood watching men come and go, watching violent fighting, moving all the time, living at times with other family members. We were abandoned by our father at 5 & 6, only to have our adopted father do the same thing at 10 and 11.

What was wrong with us? Why was no one protecting us? Why was everyone watching this go on?

They all did the best they knew to do with the tools and mindset they had been given. It was up to each of us to decide our future.

I went down many of the same destructive paths…quit school, drank hard, became waitress, domestic abuse, got pregnant, homeless living on my families couch…lost, completely lost.

But then Jesus found his way into my heart on Easter Sunday 1988. My life was forever changed. Now don’t get me wrong the path has been crooked but it has been beautiful with the hope I find in my faith.


To strive to be a good Christian. To love, be humble yet bold. Be a witness to those who may not be fortunate enough to be exposed to what Christ can do in their lives and hearts. To be thankful for the many people who have influenced me. To pray that God will show me His perfect will for my life.

Luckily, I started seeing ways of living I wanted for myself and sought out how they did it. I remember at about 19 years old working at a country club at a big holiday party serving a woman in a long formal gown. I remember passing the houses, lit up beautifully with Christmas lights and longing for this life. At the time I was basically homeless and without a car depending on rides to and from work. I remember saying to myself, ‘I will be in a dress like that and will be having the time of my life…and I have been in that formal dress many times over.

It all started when ‘I BELIEVED’.


In about 1990, I started this road to change my future, my child’s future, and those God places on my journey.

So I was led to invest in myself to change my future. I went to a seminar for women and I made the purchase of a lifetime titled, ‘The Power of Your Sub-Conscience Mind’. I was immediately intriged with this notion that I could shape my future and my daily life by changing the way I was thinking and believing. I started examining my thoughts and started replacing the ones that were not what I wanted.

It was working. By 1994, I left the restraurant business and joined the corporate world. I started as a department secretary at a Fortune 200 company and made a decision to go into management. I was promoted four times and leading college educated people. Nope my boss was not a man and I was not just another pretty face. I was a woman on a mission to change her future and the future of her child.

During this time I had done a couple of extraordinary things. I had taken the time to define my ideal life on my terms, I took the time to get it in writing, I had the courage to share it with others, I backed up my desires with action and determination…..the world was mine! With belief, willingness to work, good attitude, courage to ask, and ability to share my vision the future was bright!

Don’t get me wrong it was hard. I struggled but I did not quit, I tweaked things, I sought mentors, training and in between kept going to the Lord when I came up for air.


To be determined and committed to give others the very things I desire and my desires will come to me in great amounts. To always love myself enough to consistently improve my strengths and weaknesses. To be focused, disciplined, enthusiastic, positive thinking and finish what I start. To realize my talents and grow into them. To live life in a way that makes me feel good about myself, love myself and take care of myself. Always stop along the road of life to smell the roses and live in the moment.


After 14 years with a man who mentally, emotionally and at times physically abused me, I finally got the courage to leave. It took counselors telling me I should not be called names and I should not be tossed about. It took me becoming a woman who would have a voice. It took me calling my attorney when I was told I could not move out. I remember my attorney reminding me I was an adult, lived in America and was free to leave. Seriously, when others would hear me say, ‘He is the boss of me’ they would not believe it because I was a leader in all areas of my life. After growing up seeing domestic violence at its worse, this seemed ok. It was so much better then what I witnessed growing up. Until I grew up and realized it was not only not ok, it was keeping me from doing God’s work fully in my life and in the world.

So, (deep breath) one morning in May of 2004 I waited for him to leave the house and the race was on to get out before he returned. It started to rain, I knelt by my bed and prayed a simple prayer, ‘God you know what I have endured with this man, you know I have people coming to help me, You know I have a small window of time (our home had a horse fence…one way in, one way out…he would block us for sure), please stop the rain.’ And He did! A simple request. No begging, just asked.


My greatest accomplishments are the generational change I have created with my son. While I have made many mistakes along the way my mission as a mom has been clear. This is my mission statement I wrote in the early 90’s regarding being a parent:


To be a great mother. To teach Dustin to love God and himself first. To be such an example to him that he will have a high standard of living, high expectations of himself and others. To be tough yet sensitive. To understand he has the choice to make his life something wonderful but only he can make it happen through his determination, wise decisions and choices. And to learn to dream, for this is the beginning of change and forwardness. Strive for excellence and expect to win. To help him understand he may not always be the best, but to always strive to do his very best at whatever he does. To give him unconditional love and understanding so that he will feel the security this gives and give it to others.

I have been in business for myself now for many  years sharing my story with large audiences, at retreats, and with one-on-one clients. I have spoken on stages, in living rooms, via the phone. I work with high school drop outs, doctors and lawyers….we are a lot more alike then we are different. I help people believe in their dreams and then when necessary give them the kick in the butt they need to get going and keep moving.

I have been blessed with a husband that allows me to speak my truth and live my life in a way that is changing the world. Don’t get me wrong we have our moments but for the first time in my life I am with a man that I have no fear of leaving, I have no fear of hitting me. He provides a wonderful life and I can’t wait to see where God leads us.


I consider myself fortunate to have had many mentors along the way. There are too many to name here but rest assured I have or will die trying to let each of them know the impact they have had on my life. Please be coachable and please celebrate those who have been there for you.


I am deeply commited to sharing my stories of success and failure to inspire others to believe in what’s possible and then to create a plan and a dream team to create your new reality. Their next chapter.

I believe deeply in the power of real stories and will be sharing your ‘I BELIEVED’ stories.



I am here for you! You are why I do this work. God called me back in 1990 to share my pain and successes with others to give them hope for a future.

I would love to be on your dream team.

You can do this…..just believe, ask, think differently, act differently, and connect with others.
Are you ready to write your mission in your heart?

Are you ready to create your dream team?

Are you ready to create a solid plan to get there?

I’m the woman for you….


I am on a mission to unite women with the purpose of igniting change to help ourselves, our families, our communities and yes our world live their best, most fulfilling lives. I know pretty audacious right?!?! We are heart-centered and action-oriented women with a simple desire to speak the truth with love.